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2 April 2016

To those of you who check this site, my apologies that it hasn’t been updated for a while.   Several bouts of illness slowed me up for a time, but I am now working hard on the preparation of my second collection and there are some new poems on the page on this website called Other Poems.


18 September 2015 

The Cambridge News article is online at:

Further links and information relating to Virgin Media and TV and other media interviews, will be added to this website when available, probably within a week or two.  These relate to my life and poetry and to the Mervyn Peake Awards 

Mervyn Peake Awards Event

The Peake Family, representatives of the Parkinson's Society UK and the winners and runners-up for the Mervyn Peake Awards Competition took place in the Great Hall of King's College, London

My husband received the poetry award on my behalf as I am unable to travel.  My poem, Shadow of Myself was read beautifully by Clover Peake, granddaughter of the author and artist. Mervyn Peake.  The link to the Parkinson's websitte is: 



The results of the Mervyn Peake Awards, given annually in five categories of the Creative Arts were recently announced and I was fortunate to be the winner of the poetry category.  The awards, funded by the family of Mervyn Peake, author of the Gormenghast trilogy, poet and illustrator, are open to those affected by Parkinson's.

 See the link: 

 Second collection

I have now reached the stage where I am ready to give shape to my exising poems and build them into a second collection, a notoriously difficult task.  But the poems are at the right stage for editing and I believe I should attempt the task which, even if it is not achieved in full, is  a thoroughly enjoyable exercise and one in which many discoveries of extra meanings of which you were not previously aware and interesting discoveries are made.


4 May 2015

I have added to my Points of View page on this site a section on the nature of poetry.  One of its features is surely energy.

18 April 2015

I am writing a piece on The Nature of Poetry which I plan to post on the Points of View Page.

1 April 2015

It has been a while since the last update, but I will be giving this website much more time and attention  this month after having now caught up in other directions.   So it will be worth coming back soon. 

14 December 2014

"Cambridge News" printed an  interview with me on 29 November.

October 2014

I often enter for themed poetry competitions, either because the subject appeals to me and I might be able to write an interesting poem or - and this may be more common – I may feel that I already have an unpublished poem which will fit the bill, although it may need a few small tweaks to make it just right.  An example of this was my poem, The Shoe.  I took this poem out of the file when I saw the Poetry Society was asking for poems on the theme of Neighbours.  The only   editing which I found to be necessary was that the poem needed an insertion of the word ‘neighbour’s’ at the end...  The judge placed the poem among the winners and by her comments, seemed to like the rather unusual approach to the subject.  I decided to  work my way through my list of publications and recall how each poem began.  As well as having stocks of half-finished cut redraftable poems, I have a lot of stories waiting to change from notes into satisfactory poems.

 I have been checking all my published poems and recalling why I started to write that particular poem and what happened to it  afterwards.  So far I have covered from A-C but when everything on the list is finished, I shall incorporate the analysis into this post.  How do you start a poem?

14 October 2014

Well, the launch of the Furies Anthology, a fine production in hardback, with excellent poems, went off well apparently in London this week and sales have been high.  £5 from every sale of a book will be donated to the charity, Rape Crisis.  Further events around the country are planned, the next in Nottingham.  Check the publisher's website - forBooksSake.  The link is on my Links webpage.  I have one of my Icarus poems included in the anthology.

Also this week, I completed an interview for the Cambridge News.  I shall post details later and reproduce it here if copyright permits.

ugust 2014

I've had a few poems published or accepted for publication this year - in an Agenda web online supplement there's a reprint of Song of the Apprentice Angel.  A Daughter Sing from the Earth is included in the forthcoming anthology edited by Eve Lacey of ForBooks'Sake in aid of Rape Crisis.  For those interested in this antholgy (which received over 700 submissions, I recommend this book, excellently edited and produced.  Publication is planned for October this year.


31 July 2014

It has been a while since I added anything to this site.  Apologies for that, but my time has been completely taken up with my latest project.  There was a lot of work to do in order to meet the deadline.  I decided to enter the Otago University Press/Landfall Essay competition in New Zealand.  I finally sent off my 6000 words yesterday.  The topic of the essay was for us to choose.  I wrote about 20th century poetry in New Zealand.  I read a lot and discovered many new things. 

 I will add more material to the site later this month (August 2014).

 See the Points of View page for another entry - about poets' understanding of their own poems.

22 April 2014

A new page has been added to this website, entitled "Points of View".  There will be occasional thoughts and comments.

14 March 2014  

A number of events have been happening lately or are scheduled to happen soon.  A talk with references and readings of poems from Giotto's Circle,was given by Juliet Dusinberre, Life Fellow in English, Girton College, Cambridge, to the Highgate Poets poetry group in London in February 2014.

The radio interview with Diana Brodie by the local community radio station, 105, in Cambridge has  been recorded and will be featured on their book programme, Bookmark to be broadcast on 15 March 2014.  A podcast will be available shortly afterwards.   You can listen  online where the podcast is usually up 2-3 days after the initial broadcast.

Diana Brodie was interviewed about the book by Michele Hagard at the February meeting of the charity, Parkinson's UK, in Cambridge.  This was very well received.

Various other events are being planned and this section of the website will be updated again soon.

There is a new section on this website which will quote, where permission has been granted, some of the comments I have received by letter or email from readers of the book.

11 October 2013  A review of Giotto's Circle has appeared in the literary journal, Acumen.

7 August 2013   A highly successful launch, it seems, for 65 invited guests at the St Andrews Community Hall, Chesterton, Cambridge.  First, an hour of poetry readings.  Diana shared the readings with friends, Harry Goode and Huguette Chatterton, with Katharine Ames-Lewis and with 9-year-old granddaughter, Flora.  Huguette, a chanteuse with a considerable local following, also sang.  A very enjoyable afternoon and sales were high.

4 August 2013   Launch Day is here!  A report on the event is to come.  Stay with us!

23 July 2013   The first batch of books arrived today.  Poetry Salzburg have done a marvellous job.  But I already need to order more as a number of people have asked for multiple copies.

21 June 2013  The book is now at the printers and will be released in August.  

1 June 2013   The first proof arrived today.  Everything appears to be on schedule and tomorrow will be a busy day although there appears to be little that requires correction.  The book is dedicated to my sister, Wendy, still living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Comments on the book and availability


"In Diana Brodie’s gutsy first collection, the constraints and repressions of post-war society in suburban New Zealand are brought vividly to life. Against this atmosphere of conformity, the darker microcosm of a family life gone sour is played out. Brodie brings an emotional pressure to bear on this material, the poems’ spare language and formal constraints keeping the lid on simmering hurts and resentments. But what makes the collection stand out is her willingness to take an axe to this “frozen sea”, “to smash our way out”. Alongside the poems of quotidian detail are diversions into myth and fairytale: matadors, angels and earthquakes find a place here where the imagination is a means of “jumping ship”. The past may seem to trap us in its cycle of grief but in the “poem’s unravelling circle” Brodie finds a way – if not of breaking completely free – at least of moving forward, line by powerful line."

Esther Morgan

 Diana Brodie's poems are haunted by deaths, losses and moments of shock followed by years of stoical acceptance in which the shock takes shape.  The moments are sharp and cumulative.  Sometimes they impinge on histories beyond the personal, fitting into time'shadow, at other times they view human fate on a broader geographical map. The words are precise and full of irony.

George Szirtes

Book available from Poetry Salzburg:

Diana Brodie: Giotto's Circle, August 2013. 96 pp. ISBN-13 978-3-901993-41-1
£10.50 (+ 2.00 p&p), €13.00 (+ 2.50 p&p), US$ 18.00 (+ 3.00 p&p)

Send an e-mail to order this book









Buying the book "Giotto's Circle"

Book available from Poetry Salzburg:

Diana Brodie: Giotto's Circle, August 2013. 96 pp. ISBN-13 978-3-901993-41-1
£10.50 (+ 2.00 p&p), €13.00 (+ 2.50 p&p), US$ 18.00 (+ 3.00 p&p)

Send an e-mail to order this book

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